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As a fresher, first you are evaluated through a training session and a small dummy project. Depending upon your performance, preference and mentor feedback you may land into several profiles : Java Developer, UI Developer, Tester, Security Analyst (yes a very new segment in the company, ask Debasmriti Ghosh) or DBA (Database Admin, very rare a fresher gets in unless it is their own preference, ask Arnab Aluni).

In NRI Fintech, right after your training is over you are allocated a project. (Yes, "benching" is virtually non-existent). I will provide a very brief glance into the respective job descriptions and technologies worked in the profiles mentioned above :

  • Java Developer : Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, etc etc.. (in short, the full Java stack). As the company is Java-centric, most of the freshers land here.
  • UI Developer : HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript goodies - jQuery, Angular, D3, Raphael, Node.js, Bootstrap, etc to be a front end ninja!
  • Tester : Automation testing using Selenium, Junit etc
  • Security Analyst : Hack away with Kali Linux, Metasploit and what not!
  • DBA : be the next Oracle Expert